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I came from a generation that recognized that things needed to change and actually rolled up our sleeves and got things done. We can do a better job funding our children's futures; we can do a better job of protecting our students from crippling student debt; we can do a better job of allowing every Iowan to make their own medical and healthcare decisions; we can do a better job ensuring that our environment is protected.


I ran on C.O.R.E. values (Community, Opportunity, Responsibility, Equality). Those are the values that were taught to me as a girl growing up in this state and those are the values that we should address every state issue with.  


We can do better - WE WILL DO BETTER!

Every Iowan deserves to be able to make their own medical and healthcare decisions. That is why I support efforts to allow for parents of sick children to be able to attain medical cannibus oil as deemed necessary by physicians. Healthcare is a basic human right and we should stand with parents and the infirmed as they make their own decision to treat themselves and their families.
Iowa’s workforce must be prepared for the jobs of the 21st Century and our schools are the key to building a highly workforce. Every student should graduate with the skills necessary to land a good job or continue their education after high school.


Thousands of Iowans like to swim, fish, and boat in and on our lakes and rivers every year. Iowans want and deserve clean drinking water. We need to expand our efforts to improve water quality. While our farmers play a role in improving water quality, we all have a stake in protecting and preserving our natural resources. 
To keep higher education affordable and accessible to all Iowans, we need to freeze tuition at state universities and expand grants, loans, and scholarships to students

Iowa families need access to affordable higher education. Making that affordable is one of the best ways Iowa can build a strong highly skilled workforce for tomorrow.
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